Gustavo S. Pezzi Acosta

-Graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Málaga in the class of 1994 – 1999. Practising Lawyer, registered nº 5170 with the Bar Association of Málaga.
-Administer of Communities since 2002
-Proficiency Researcher. Advanced studies in the area of expertise in civil law. Postgraduate in civil responsibility in Spanish law from the University of Málaga, 2009.
-Specialist in Foreign Trade at the Chamber of Commerce in Málaga in coordination with ICEX, 2000.
-Practising Lawyer since 2000 and founding partner of the company.
-Since the onset he has developed his dual role as Lawyer and Administrator of Communities. He exercises before the Courts in legal fields of civil, criminal and administrative matters as well as our of court matters, assisting clients on Notary and Land Registry Matters. Specialist in horizontal property, urban leasing, family, civil liability, testamentary and noise.